Polar lights<br/> Discovering the Wonders of the Arctic

Polar lights
Discovering the Wonders of the Arctic


Polar lights
Discovering the Wonders of the Arctic

Claudio Ghiglione, Marco Gaiotti
il Geko edizioni

Formato 30x23
Pages 120 (color photographic)
ISBN 978-88-3124-407-7

In an historical and cultural moment in which technology and large populated areas constantly dominate our lives, the authors’ wish is to bring us back to life in its truest and most original state through this informative photographic book, giving us a few moments of fresh air in which the only dominant figure is nature, in its forms and colours. ‘Polar Lights’ – their first book, as well as their first editorial collaboration – arises out of a project that lasted several years and was conceived as a tribute to the beauty and the hues of our Planet in this area… the Arctic. The editorial line opted for full-page photos in order to convey the highest expressiveness to the images, which will transport the reader – through more than 100 pages – to one of the ice realms in search of a mysterious and fascinating world, in which he/she can feel the vibrating strength of nature. The title “Polar Lights” wants to confer on the book a clear identity through two elements: on the one hand, the photographic element – for this reason the word ‘Lights’; on the other hand, the geographical area to which the theme of the book belongs – for this reason the word ‘Polar’.


CLAUDIO GHIGLIONE is a marine ecologist specialised in polar regions, expedition leader and nature photographer. He completed a PhD in Earth, Environmental and Polar Sciences and worked for several years as a researcher in the polar field. Thanks to his professional experience and knowledge, he currently works as a guide for national and international agencies, travelling around the world and reaching places far from the most popular routes.


MARCO GAIOTTI is a naval engineer who discovered, almost by chance, the wild environments of Africa, falling immediately in love with them. At the same time, his love for nature photography arises and grows driving him, year after year, to visit some of the most pristine places on the Planet. In recent years, he has been awarded in the most prestigious international and national photography competitions.


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